About Eoghan

I am the Fine Gael Candidate for Dublin 8 in the upcoming local elections in May.

I am running as I believe our city can be better. I’m tired of the City Council arguing over vanity motions over which they have no control. Our council should be working hard on the issues that affect all Dubliners.

The Dublin City Council I would like to be part of would instead focus on things within its control: planning, the Arts, parks, roads, recreation facilities and cycle infrastructure.

I live in the heart of Dublin. I love this city but we can do better. With your help, I promise to work hard to try and transform Dublin into the world-beating, green, liveable European city it could be.

Please let me know if there are any issues you care about that you think could be implemented to make life better for all Dubliners.

Eoghan in bullet points:

  • Originally from Kildare and moved to Dublin 10 years ago.
  • I studied Economics in UCD and have worked in financial services for the past 6 years. I also studied and lived in Canada.
  • Originally became politically active through my involvement in human rights activism.
  • I have been involved with many important campaigns such as the Marriage Equality and the 8th Amendment referenda.
  • I enjoy running, cycling, travelling and reading.
  • Strong interest in urban development and city planning.
  • Active member of Tenters Residents’ Association and a local choir.
  • I love Dublin and want to make it better